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Hot water boilers for solid fuels 18-150kW


Hot water boiler type TKK is designated for heating of homes, buildings, and industrial facilities. The boiler has a large firebox which enables filling with large quantities of fuel. The boiler is designed to have three drafts and also has a water-cooled grid which provides energy utilization up to 90%. It is recommended to build in a three-way or four-way mixing valve to maintain the minimum water temperature of 65-70 C in the boiler what prevents corrosion. A model for liquid or gaseous fuel can be ordered with the purchase of another lower door modified for the burner. For quality work and long durability of the boiler, a good draft has to be provided with a good chimney. In the case of sanitary water heating, the boiler can be connected to the water heater unit but the construction of the boiler does not allow mounting of the unit on the boiler.
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